György Rétfalvi
10 years experience in international trade with Western Europe and with Middle East market as export executive and head of international branch office
15 years experience in corporate management and business development at global international corporation:
Samsung Electronics Hungary: built up and developed the Central and South East European distributor network, as export manager.
Unilever Hungary: built up sales force and costumer structure as sales director. Established Unilever’s market presence in 8 South East European countries from Slovenia to Bulgaria, as regional business development director
Lever Deutschland Gmbh Hamburg, Elida Gibbs Plc. London, Cheesborough Pond’s Ltd. New York: international marketing, sales and regional business development roles.
Zwack Unicum: put the 500 people strong internationally owned FMCG corporation on a sales marketing and international expansion driven growth track, as CEO.
5 years experience in government agency for export development and investment promotion:
ITD Hungary: international business development of Hungarian companies, in addition to attracting multinational FDI to establish presence in Hungary, as CEO.
György Csuport
10 years experience in agro-business development activity
20 years experience in sales and export development at multinational corporations:
Unilever Hungary: extensive sales, trade marketing and account management activity. Built up export distributor network in South East Europe for food, frozen food and detergents.
Zwack Unicum: Developing export activities in almost 30 countries. Building and managing of international partnerships; preparation and implementation of yearly business and marketing plans; market research; brand building; increase in distribution; introduction of new products; identification of new markets and partners; market building; meeting profit plans
István Stark
Tibor Kun
35 years experience in the international trade and business development
2 years experience at the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Chief Coordinator of the Iberian Peninsula, bilateral relations between Hungary-Spain and Hungary-Portugal.
5 years Political & Economic Counsellor and Chargé d’Affaires at the Hungarian Embassy of Mexico City, also accredited to Jamaica and to four other Central American countries.
3 years experience as project and international affairs manager at two Academic Scientific and Investigation Agencies in the Central Physical Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Science.
14 years experience in foreign trade business development in small and medium size Spanish- Hungarian private companies in Budapest as General Manager
During this period he was appointed as the first General Manager for trade development and investment of the Official Agency of the Andalusian Autonomy Government.
8 years experience in commercial and trade business development working for medium size and big private companies in Madrid and Barcelona.
3 years experience in the field of export business development, marketing of industrial cooperation projects (such as bus and tractor motors and front axle production, agricultural products, washing machine cooperation, etc.) between Spain and Hungary.
Tibor Nagy
3 years experience in foreign trade in the time of big state owned trading houses.
7 years in export-import of chemicals and plastics materials in several European markets.
5 years business development at Metallgeselschaft – Chemolimpex: Frankfurt office
16 years in business and market development, as the head of the Budapest Office of the Frankfurt based Kemokomplex.
Wide range of consultancy services to domestic and foreign companies in the Central-European region.
György Kádár
15 years experience in foreign trade in the time of big state owned trading houses: export business development Western-Europe, North-America; built business relations as sales representative and then trade commissioner for 5 years in Helsinki
10 years experience in company management at trading companies and representation offices.
Wallis Motor Kft: commercial director at the representation office of BMW, Rover, Land Rover, Mini built up brand dealer network.
Bang & Olufsen: representation of the Danish consumer electronics manufacturer, sale in Hungary and in the region
Head of business development consultancy company: customer network and market development, business and financial management consultancy to domestic and foreign companies both in Hungary and abroad.
Erika Pálfi
20 years experience in business development and office management.
ITD Hungary Zrt.: Head of CEO’s office, provide full administration support to the CEO to achieve investment promotion and business development targets set in the business plan. Business development activities to support Hungarian companies in several markets of Western Europe, Middle-East, South-America, Africa.
Austrade Budapest (Australian Trade Commission): Managing Australian companies’ business development to enter the Hungarian market and achieve business success. Administrative and financial management of the Austrade Budapest office.
3 years in foreign trade.
Konsumex Foreign Trade Company: foreign trade with Central-East Europe, USA and Japan
György Kobelrausch
6 years experience in foreign trade in the time of big state owned trading houses:
KOMPLEX: import-export activities.
DOW Chemical: business and partner relations development at the Hungarian representation office of the chemical company.
2 years experience in sales, supply and introduction of quality assurance system at foreign manufacturing companies those set up branches in Hungary:
10 years for Unilever
8 years in Hungary: sales, marketing and head of ice cream business section in the Hungarian market; business development in the Croatian and Slovenian markets; market development, organisation of distribution; preparation and implementation of sales and marketing plans.
2 years at Langnese GmbH. Hamburg: marketing activities in the ice cream and frozen food business.
7 years experience in marketing services and HR management
Millward Brown: as head of the market research company coordination of quantitative and qualitative researches.
Headhunting and coaching (selection of medium and top level managers; support to managers by coaching)
László Telek
15 years TUNGSRAM Rt. – General Electric: development engineer, project manager, head of factory unit.
Electrolux: led the implementation of the local production in Hungary in the framework of an international technology transfer.
6 years Henkel Hungary: as the head of Vác factory management of production, quality assurance, technology, production development, efficiency increase
6 years Zwack Unicum: director for operation; as project director led the construction and technological works, logistics, quality assurance, central supply of the new central factory built as a greenfield investment.
Telek Investment Project Kft.: managing director.
Dr. László Vitvera
9 years experience as development engineer and head of development at company Orion.
20 years activity in building up, starting up and running a company in the time of big state owned trading companies:
Samsung Electronics Hungary: building up and development of the national service network of the Korean company, introduction of new products, technical management of the TV factory including boosting the production.
United Technologies Automotive Hungary: as the head of the quality assurance of the American multinational company, made the company be in line with the automotive standards and development. Developed and audited the suppliers. Introduction of ISO 9001, QS9000 standards.
Denso Magyarország: Launching production, building and leading a team in the Japanese factory. Introduction of Japanese quality assurance and production procedures. Introduction of ISO 9001, QS9000 standards.
Jabil Circuit Magyarország: Building up, launching and managing the Hungarian factory of the American company. As a result of this in 6 years the greenfield investment company became the supplier of the world’s biggest electronic brand manufacturers with 3000 employees and HUF 200 bn revenue.
Application and localization of all modern cost and production effective, quality improvement systems:: Kaizen, Six sigma, Lean, Continuous improvement, 5S.
Introduction of ISO 9001, TS16949, ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001 systems.
Ferenc Farkas
12 years experience foreign trade in the time of big state owned trading houses – out of this 5 years as head of a Hungarian company’s representation abroad.
20 years experience in sales, market development and company management.
3 years in the field of export market and business development, marketing of agricultural products.
3 years for setting up the local structure, customers relations and management of a multinational company
4 years in service development and export sales.
10 years experience business development: export/import of assets, financing of international businesses, representation of companies entering into the market, market development consultancy and business development activities in different sectors and relations.
Prof. Robert Somogyi
Was born in Germany, studied at the University of Augsburg, graduated as economist and sociologist.
20 years international experience in consultancy mainly in the following areas: strategy, company management, marketing and sales, HR. References obtained from big concerns to smaller companies.
15 years international sales experience (export /import) as top manager at different companies from different sectors.
15 years educational activities in: general management, brand management, marketing and sales, negotiations skills.
10 years at Herendi Porcelánmanufaktúra Zrt. as top manager: export worldwide, client network development, international marketing, tourism and product development.
More than 260 domestic and international projects in: strategy (business development, expansion, relaunch, revival), marketing and sales.